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Urban & Landscape

Urban lighting design is one of the important aspects of decorating the external environment, both for large and small cities, especially at night. Proper lighting emphasizes the architectural features and indicates the functional purpose of buildings. For example, backlighting with classic white night lighting can emphasize the administrative purpose of the building, and bright colors will allow you to see a cafe, restaurant or shopping center in advance. 

When illuminating various objects, it is also necessary to pay special attention to landscape lighting design in order to ensure safety and ease of navigation. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve compatibility and synchronization of landscape lighting and architectural lighting. 

To create a special atmosphere during festive events or significant dates, MONARQ allows you to set various scenarios for festive architectural lighting. MONARQ hardware and LightCoder software make these complex tasks easy. 

MONARQ allows real-time monitoring and control of backlight operation modes, instant correction and setting of scheduled operation modes via a web interface. Advanced diagnostic tools and predictive algorithms optimize operating costs, while modern lighting control technologies reduce energy consumption.

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