Sundrax boasts a rich history of successful implementations in the realm of architectural and artistic lighting solutions. In the design and development of MONARQ equipment, we employ cutting-edge lighting control solutions. This enables MONARQ to create exceptionally beautiful lighting scenes, not limited to a single building but extending to multiple objects, including street lights.

The utilization of MONARQ equipment, coupled with specific algorithms for light equipment control, results in a reduction in the operational costs of architectural and artistic lighting systems. Our proprietary Light Coder software allows users to remotely simulate the effects of architectural lighting, providing a preview on a model of the building or structure, even when located in another city or country.

MONARQ equipment finds application in architectural and artistic lighting projects across the globe, spanning Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. Join Sundrax, and let us collaboratively contribute to making the world a brighter and more beautiful place!