Dual-zone optically isolated DMX splitter RDM hub for DIN rail installation Sundrax Entertainment

Splitter Duo DIN

Streamline Your Lighting with Precision

Enhance your lighting controls with the Splitter Duo DIN – a cutting-edge, two-channel DMX/RDM splitter designed to deliver flawless signal integrity for a remarkable lighting experience.

Seamless DIN Rail Integration

Conveniently mountable on a DIN rail, the Splitter Duo DIN provides the perfect harmony of form and function for your lighting system. Engineered to fit into compact spaces, it effectively conserves space while maximizing your control capabilities.

Dependable Performance in Any Setting

Boasting a robust laser-etched aluminum housing, this indispensable device ensures continuous operation even at voltages reaching up to 305 V. Whether indoors or within sheltered outdoor enclosures, you can count on the Splitter Duo DIN to consistently manage your lighting network with unwavering precision.

    • Durable laser-etched aluminum housing for lasting performance.
      Stable functionality across a broad voltage range up to 305 V AC.
      Compatible with DMX512 and RDM (ANSI E1.20) protocols for versatile use.
      Intelligent mode indicators for real-time status updates.
      Optically isolated DMX ports safeguarding your equipment from electrical interference.
      Fan-less cooling system to maintain silent operation with zero dust ingress.
      Manual input port switching to adapt to specific installation requirements.
      Easy DIN rail installation accommodating 12 modules, ideal for streamlined setups.

    • Mechanical:

      Enclosure: DIN rail (12 modules)
      Material: metal, plastic
      Dimensions, mm: 212 (L) x 75 (H) x 105 (W)
      Weight: 0.85 kg
      Installation: power supply cabinet

    • Power & Electrical:

      Power supply: ~ 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz
      Max power consumption: 5W
      Fuse: 0.5 A

    • Environment:

      Operating temperatures: -40 ... + 70 ° C
      Storage temperatures: -50 ... + 80 ° C
      Max. relative humidity: 95%
      IP Rating: IP 20
      Certificates: CE compliant, RoHS
      Warranty: 36 months

    • Control / Data Connections:

      Supported protocols: DMX512, RDM
      Refresh rate DMX data: 44 Hz

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      DMX inputs: 1 or 2
      DMX Outputs: 8 or 9
      DMX connectors: terminal blocks 15EDGVC-3.5-03

    • Configuration / Indication:

      Indicators: LED, for DMX inputs

    • Package Contents:

      Splitter Duo DIN
      Connector set

    Splitter Duo DIN
    • : SPDD-1-2D8D
    • : 5060452245966