Architectural Lighting MONARQ Light Coder Software for lighting scenarios

Light Coder

Advanced Architectural Lighting Control Software

Introducing Light Coder – the ultimate lighting control software, engineered to bring your architectural projections to life. As an integral component of the QULON ecosystem, Light Coder transcends conventional capabilities, offering a web-based portal to manage, diagnose, and orchestrate lighting installations of all scales. Enjoy a new dimension of lighting control that's accessible and powerful. With Light Coder, you gain not just a tool but an expansive suite of features. Experience the software with a free test installation, benefit from no caps or tariffs, and unlock online support along with comprehensive video training with each purchase. 

Brighten the world with Light Coder – Your artistry illuminated.

    • Seamless Integration: Operating within the dynamic Kepler integration platform, Light Coder unifies your control over various lighting elements with grace and versatility.  

      Design Sophistication: Forge intricate lighting patterns tailored for architectural and artistic applications, allowing your vision to shape the night.  

      Intuitive Interface: Navigate through Light Coder’s user-friendly environment to link your creativity with our advanced technology effortlessly.  

      Real-time Visualization: The cutting-edge built-in scene visualizer empowers you to preview and perfect your lighting designs before they reach the skyline, ensuring your installations make the desired impact.  

      DMX Script Support: Compile and implement ready-to-use DMX scripts, enhancing the functionality and adaptability of your lighting array.  

      Remote Scene Management: Effortlessly download your meticulously crafted DMX scenes directly into QULON MONARQ hardware from anywhere, at any time.

    • Processor: Intel Atom or equivalent 

      Memory: 2 Gb RAM 

      Hard Drive: 100 Mb of free disk space 

      Operating System: Windows, GNU/Linux

      Minimum hardware requirements: Intel Core i3 processor or above, 2GB RAM

      Recommended hardware: Intel Core i5 processor or above, 8GB RAM

    Light coder "box version" (one workstation)
    • : SFT-QUL-SCE
    • : 5060452243924
    License for Light coder (one workplace)
    • : -
    • : 5060452243931