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The lighting of stadiums and sports centers is always subject to special requirements. On the one hand, it should provide good visibility for spectators at any time of the day and in any weather, and on the other hand, it should not interfere with participants and employees of competitions or other sporting events. At the same time, there are significantly different requirements for coverage of competitions and trainings in various sports. MONARQ equipment allows you to fine-tune the lighting to suit different requirements. 

It is also worth paying special attention not only to the lighting of the interior spaces of the stadium, but also to its external appearance, parking spaces around it. After all, this is what visitors first see. 

Lighting control in the parking lot ensures the safety of visitors and easy navigation before the event, and after that it greatly facilitates the work of public utilities in cleaning up the area. Modern lighting control systems can significantly reduce the cost of lighting parking lots near stadiums. 

Controlling the stadium's outdoor architectural lighting is a daunting task. Currently, large stadiums, in addition to their main task - holding sports events, also act as venues for musical performances, other events with a large crowd of visitors. This requires the development of many different architectural lighting scenarios with the ability to quickly change them and fine-tune them even at the very last moment. 

MONARQ equipment, together with LiteCoder software, allows not only to develop a lighting scenario in advance, set a lighting schedule on days without events, project various images, but also make real-time changes to lighting through a web interface even at the very last moment. Modern failure prediction algorithms can reduce operating costs and minimize the risk of sudden failure of lighting fixtures. As the most advanced lighting control algorithms will reduce energy costs.

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