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Architectural lighting of residential and hospitality buildings is of great importance. Due to high-quality lighting, you can create a certain mood, increase the safety and comfort of residents. For commercial housing (hotel complexes, apartments, etc.), lighting can create your own individual image, a recognizable brand. 

Professional architectural lighting emphasizes the beauty of the building, all its best features. Creates a friendly environment that invites you to take a closer look. 

Proper lighting, in addition to the aesthetic component, also takes care of the safety of residents and guests. By illuminating details inside and outside a building, you can reduce the risk of injury on walkways, steps, and other potentially dangerous structural elements in the dark. 

Holiday architectural lighting scenarios will diversify the appearance of your buildings and structures, and will attract more attention to them on special dates. 

MONARQ hardware and LiteCoder software allow you to create and implement a variety of lighting scenarios tailored especially for your buildings. Also, it takes into account its architecture, location, and the message you want to convey to residents and guests. The modern MONARQ architectural lighting control system allows not only to implement the most daring ideas, but also helps to monitor the maintenance of equipment and lighting fixtures. Unique predictive algorithms allow you to know in advance about the need to replace fixtures, reducing operating costs and potential downtime. As the most modern architectural lighting control algorithms will reduce the cost of electricity for the lighting. The function of remote control and management will allow easily on the spot to make changes to lighting scenarios in real time through a web interface.

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