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Interior lighting is always of particular importance. Competent lighting allows you to emphasize the features of the interior, to focus on important elements, such as reception desks, information desks, elevator halls and others. In addition, lighting can provide extra safety for stairs, catwalks  and other places where you can trip or otherwise get injured. 

Lighting residential and commercial facilities, especially if there are a large number of them, requires careful attention to the maintenance of the lighting system. The presence of a single control room for monitoring and controlling lighting greatly facilitates this task. The failure prediction algorithms used in MONARQ make it possible not only to give a command to replace a burnt-out luminaire upon its failure, but also to replace a luminaire that may soon break down in advance. Also the use of the most modern methods of controlling lamps will help reduce the cost of electrical energy. 

In addition, MONARQ equipment allows you to synchronize the control of indoor and outdoor lighting, architectural lighting. This function is fully available in the remote control mode. With that it is possible to optimize the costs of maintaining a separate dispatching service in each building, replacing it with remote dispatching, which receives real-time data and can instantly correct algorithms and lighting scenarios.

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