Architectural Lighting MONARQ Landmarks


Landmark buildings and constructions come in many forms and don’t necessarily need to be of historical significance. Every city has its own set of landmarks, which are loved regardless of their age. 

Each of these buildings and structures must fit into the modern dynamic urban environment, while remaining the only and unique.

Competent architectural lighting will allow you to cope with this contradictory task without much difficulty - on the one hand, to fit the landmark into the urban environment, on the other hand, to highlight it, while maintaining its recognizable appearance. And various lighting scenarios will allow you to look at the landmark in a new way, while maintaining its recognizability.

All this will easily allow you to implement MONARQ equipment and Light Coder software. You will have access to control and management of lighting in real time from anywhere in the world via a web interface. Thanks to the use of modern failure prediction algorithms, it will be possible to optimize maintenance, and modern lighting control technologies will reduce energy consumption.

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Choose software for lighting control and scenario creation

  • Architectural Lighting MONARQ Light Coder Software for lighting scenarios

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Architectural Lighting MONARQ Landmarks


Where architectural & street lighting meet each other

Street Lighting Integration has allowed us to see in the dark.
We can now light the homes we live in, our workspace and, of course, the streets we wander. This invention has made our lives easier and, as public lighting has become a norm in most parts of the world, safer. Street lighting is now a core piece of urban and rural infrastructure, creating a safe environment for pedestrians and drivers alike.