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There are special requirements for the lighting of objects of historical and cultural heritage, since through lighting it is necessary to reveal every detail of a historical place or building, to convey the mood. 

Thanks to modern technologies and lighting control systems, it has become possible to highlight even the smallest architectural details, thereby conveying the history and revealing the nature of the illuminated object. It allows the uncovering or interpretation of a legacy that has been lost or essentially forgotten. 

In addition to preserving the familiar appearance of objects of historical or cultural heritage, it often becomes possible to look at familiar objects in a new way, with an unexpected emphasis on some of their details. Or completely transform their appearance during festive events due to dynamic lighting scenarios. 

The MONARQ architectural lighting control equipment, in tandem with the LightCoder software, can easily handle this. The user is provided with full control and the ability to monitor the architectural lighting control system remotely via a web interface in real time. Possibility of instant adjustment of the backlight operation, setting the operating modes according to the schedule. Special algorithms built into MONARQ allow predicting equipment failure in advance, which allows you to optimize maintenance costs and timely change elements that will soon fail. This reduces operating costs and significantly reduces the risk of sudden luminaire failure. Modern lighting control technologies also reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

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