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The lighting of construction sites, industrial facilities and port areas are extremely important and necessary as the Health and Safety of the workers required at all the time. These are mandatory government requirements which is specified in the regulatory documents. According to statistics, it is in the evening and at night that the greatest number of injuries and accidents occur. This is due to a significant deterioration in visibility. Incorrect lighting can create unwanted shadows that can cause injury or death. 

Lighting control at such facilities is an extremely difficult task, especially if your company is working on several sites at once. All lighting must be synchronized with each other, turn on simultaneously. The control system must also warn of a possible failure of the luminaires, or inform the operator in which particular area the lighting is not working in real time. 

In order to draw attention to the objects under construction and their advertisements to increase the profit of a subsequent sale or lease, during times when work is not being carried out, it is possible to turn on a special lighting mode, as if telling people who look at the construction site that here a new building coming soon. Industrial facilities and port areas, also, industrial facilities and port areas, additionally to the direct function of ensuring security, can also be used as a kind of art objects. Beautiful illumination, for example, portal cranes, can transform the look of a night city on the coast. 

MONARQ equipment allows, on the one hand, to ensure the safety of workers, on the other hand, to provide beautiful illumination of objects when work is not being carried out on them. Moreover, MONARQ allows you to combine many different types of objects into a single synchronized network with the possibility of remote control from a single dispatch center. Thanks to special algorithms, the operator will be able to notify the maintenance service of the facilities about the imminent failure of lamps for timely replacement, and the latest technologies for working with lighting equipment that will reduce electricity consumption.

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