Winter Olympic Games 2014 Street Lighting Control QULON Architectural Lighting MONARQ

Winter Olympic Games 2014

Synchronisation and remote lighting control for Winter Olympic Games 2014 with QULON and MONARQ, Sundrax Entertainment products. Theme parks, stadiums and neighbouring streets managed and scheduled from a single control room. Meter readings, precised stats and event log provide extremely flexible lighting programming solution with graphical representation of live status of lighting assets on the map.

Street light luminaire controller with connection via wire


The QULON and MONARQ products provided a comprehensive solution for the precise programming and control of lighting fixtures. Meter readings, detailed statistics, and an event log were integrated into the system, offering valuable insights and facilitating efficient operations. The ability to monitor and analyze the performance of the lighting assets in real-time allowed for quick adjustments and optimized energy consumption.

One of the standout features of the system was the graphical representation of the lighting assets' live status on a map. This visual representation enabled operators to have a clear overview of the entire lighting setup, making it easier to identify any potential issues or gaps in coverage. It also facilitated effective planning and scheduling of lighting changes, ensuring synchronized and captivating lighting displays throughout the Winter Olympic Games.