Project Sundrax Entertainment Jordal Idrettspark MONARQ

Jordal Idrettspark

Introducing a new project controlled by Sundrax products: Jordal Idrettspark, a multi-sports complex located in Oslo, Norway implemented by Otera Traftec AS.

Lighting design includes several zones of DMX luminaries controlled on site. Synchronization is not an issue with Sundrax line of outdoor wireless DMX networking products: RadioGates Arma were used to establish wireless connection with Splitters Arma to ensure fail-proof transmission within the DMX zones.

Packed into waterproof metal enclosure RadioGate Arma provides non-stop bidirectional DMX communication in 2.4 GHz with RDM feedback. RadioGates wirelessly transmit up to 4 DMX universes per device with optional Ethernet converter to integrate them into Ethernet-controlled networks.

We would like to thank Sindre Hetlevik and his colleagues from Otera Traftec AS that created and implemented this project.