MONARQ: Architectural lighting controller

Marble Arch

QULON MONARQ with QULON Software used by Armadillo Lighting (UK manufacturer, designer, and installer of LED lighting), replacement LED luminaires where built to replace existing luminaires in the same location, to achieve these dramatic, ‘at a push of a button’ without the requirement for expensive new groundworks, having the benefit of full management, such as creating different scenarios, scheduling and live remote control of this 19th-century white marble-faced triumphal arch, located at the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London, England.

QULON MONARQ Architectural Lighting Control Processor

MONARQ: Architectural lighting controller

QULON MONARQ is a DIN-mounted central processor for remote dynamic and static architectural lighting control. Management via GSM adds more flexibility to control installations remotely and simplifies network access. Dynamic architectural lighting control is provided using DMX512, ArtNet/sACN protocols through Ethernet interface and wireless BeDMX interface (2.4 GHz).

Software for remote architectural lighting control MONARQ

Software for remote architectural lighting control

QULON Software provides remote control, setup, diagnostic, programming, scheduling of architectural lighting installations including real-time switching of fixtures or fixture groups. Power consumption and system performance reports may be found inside the web interface or regularly scheduled. Instant alarm messages to pre-defined phone numbers or emails.

Marble Arch was designed to be both a splendid gateway to an enlarged Buckingham Palace and a jubilant commemoration of British victories in the Napoleonic Wars – a Triumphal Arch. Tonight, and every night, it is a pleasure to see this amazing monument lighting up one of the most important landmarks in the City of London.

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